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About The Brew

l-r:  Dylan Rodriguez (Drums), Mark Rodriguez (Bass), Michael Rodriguez (Guitar), and Joe Rodriguez (Congas and Hand Percussion)


Michael Rodriguez

Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Michael Rodriguez, leader and featured guitarist of The Brew is one of the most extraordinary talents on both acoustic and electric guitar today, both in carrying powerful, familiar melodies and in improvisation.

He began playing at the age of 12 in Brownsville, Texas, inspired by jazz, blues, and rock and roll artists like George Benson, Al DiMeola, Earl Klugh, and of course, Carlos Santana. Although he never had any formal training on the guitar, he used his own perfect pitch to teach himself a multitude of tunes on the acoustic and electric guitars, ranging from rock and roll classics to Latin-jazz favorites. In the 1970s, he and brothers Mark and Joe and their late brother Rudy formed The Brew and eventually relocated to Austin in the early 1980s. The style of music that the band played changed as a reflection of his evolving musical interests, as The Brew presented a vast repertoire of songs and musical styles to nightclub audiences and private parties. Michael Rodriguez and The Brew have since become an Austin original and a perennial favorite of audiences young and old.

As the lead musician of The Brew, Michael propels the energy level of his audiences through the roof. He renders listeners and even his fellow band members awestruck with rock and roll riffs on his electric guitar during songs like Santana's "Europa" or on an acoustic flamenco-style solo during "Barcelona Nights" by Ottmar Liebert.

Michael Rodriguez co-produced The Brew's first two albums, "In the Beginning" (1990) and "Rio Vista" (1995), which featured smooth jazz and rock and roll style originals, and produced the third "Latin Brew" (2001) and the"Rumba Caliente", their latest release.  Continually inspired by jazz and Latin artists, he has introduced a more organic, nouveau-flamenco flavor into the band's performances, following the influence of Ottmar Liebert, the Gipsy Kings, Jesse Cook, and Strunz and Farah.  As a result, the most recent recordings from Michael Rodriguez and The Brew marry fiery Latin-jazz, salsa, and flamenco melodies as well as Latin-inspired renditions of popular, classic ballads, producing yet another testament to this band's incredibly electrifying style of jazz-fusion.  Michael's original compositions usually follow one of his many musical influences, such as jazz, rock, or flamenco, but there is always a powerful and nostalgic inspiration behind each piece.

Mark Rodriguez

Electric Bass Guitar

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Joe Rodriguez

Congas and Hand Percussion

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Dylan Rodriguez


Dylan Rodriguez was born and raised in Austin, TX with a passion for music. Growing up in a large family of dedicated musicians, he was destined to show interest in music. Dylan was  introduced to his first drum set at the age of 2 and has pursued his natural musical talent ever since.

Dylan has been a professional drummer in his family band “The Brew” (a well known local band in Austin, TX) since 2012. He has studied music at the renowned Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. Among his many influences from professors such as Tim McIntire and the late Chuck Silverman, Dylan has gained a very unique sound on the drums. Artists such as Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Steve Gadd, Harvey Mason, and Miles Davis are just a handful of the musicians that Dylan marvels.

"The sounds on Latin Brew are as clean, flowing, and downright gorgeous as anything digitally etched into recent memory. 

                                                             - Austin Chronicle

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